Mission, Vision and Objectives

A united vision for tomorrow


  • To contribute to Fijian economy through sustainable harvesting. Promoting innovation in forest management and local value adding to timber resources.
  • Continuous investment into forestry research and development.
  • Continued involvement and empowerment of our pine landowners.
  • A safe, effective, efficient and results driven work environment and workforce.
  • Continuous learning on potentials and enhancement of our factory capital.
  • Uphold corporate, environment and social ethos

Vision and Objectives

  • Provision of a sustainable source of sawn timber to meet the needs of the Fiji’s domestic market thereby enabling the conservation of Fiji’s indigenous forests.
  • Continued adherence to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) principles and maintaining FSC™ certification.
  • Through sustainable plantation forests and having renewable energy source contributing towards greener environment and the fight against climate change.
  • Creation of employment opportunities for local residents and landowners.
  • Developing and empowering landowner business participation and socio-economic development of villages in isolated parts of Fiji through road networks, community projects, etc.
  • Creation of best working relationship and conditions for our workers
  • Generation of foreign exchange earnings from the export of sawntimber and woodchips.
  • A primary forestry business where 100% of the export earnings are retained in local economy.
  • Provision of equal participation and opportunity for females thus encouraging and committing women empowerment in our industry.