Tropik Wood Industries Limited is the largest sawmiller and woodchipping facility in the Fiji Islands. We not only produce world-class timber and woodchip, but we are also the largest exporter of renewable bio-mass energy to the national grid.


At Tropik Wood Industries Limited we have an eye for quality for now and the future. Our parent company grows quality pine, then they pass it over to us to mill in our world-class facility, it’s here we produce the best quality timber in the South Pacific. Our wood chips are also proudly exported as far as Japan and China.

Our current range includes: Lining; Flooring; Shiplap; Weather Boards; Cladding; Ribbed & Plain Decking; Square Dressed; Post and Poles; and Woodchips.

When it comes to quality timber, Tropik Wood Industries Limited has you covered. Check out our range here



Tropik Wood Industries Limited is dedicated to Sustainable Forest Management. Our approach has a focus on conserving the natural habitats of plants and animals and respecting the rights of forestry workers and local communities.

Growing and harvesting timber sustainably provides valuable income and work opportunities whilst conserving the forest for future generations. For us and for those that come after us, there is an ongoing incentive to manage the forest responsibly, with equal emphasis on the social, environmental and economic aspects.

Tropik Wood Industries Limited is proudly FSC™ certified, a global certification standard that monitors, measures and evaluates the forestry industry to ensure… READ MORE



Forest Trust Levy

When matured Pine is harvested from the respective forest areas that are leased, Fiji Pine Limited contributes 2.5% of its logging cost towards Landowner based community projects. We call this Forest Trust Levy.

Nabou Station Lease Renewal

It was a very historic day for Fiji Pine Ltd as landowners of Nabou station lease from Mataqali Nasaqa, Tau Village agreed to renew their land for another 60-year term. There have been numerous attempts in the past which have proven futile, with continuous collaboration and the spirit of inclusiveness, we have managed to achieve this through[…]

Pine Group Delivers First Batch of Housing Rehabilitation Materials to its Landowners in Bua

Pine Group today brought smiles to its Pine Landowners in Bua when it delivered the first batch of building materials valued at $120,000 to Bua.  The Honorable Prime Minister officially handed over the materials to the landowners.  Pine Group Chair, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere, said that this is a historic occasion where we see our landowners[…]